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Brood cycle and build up questions

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New 5 frame nuc June 8. Inclement weather for first 3 weeks. Fed but didn't really take. Larva seen, spotty sealed brood low population in comparison . Basically still a five frame nuc with a little new drawn comb . Questions; questionable queen? Insufficient food supply? should I think about combining ? We have a very short season. Are brood cycles expedential? Sorry I post so many dumb questions! Just trying to learn. Is beekeeping kinda stressfull at first!?
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If they cannot fly, you need to feed protein as well as syrup. Gotta have protein to raise bees, and if there isn't much stored pollen in the hive you won't get many larvae.

If the spotty brood persists with added protein (in a week or two) you should consider a new queen, I think.

Peter gave you sound advice.
No brood cycles are not expedential. they take the same amount of time each cycle.

However, Once the hive begins building the growth is exponential as nurse bees are required to cover the brood. The more nurse bees the more eggs the queen can lay which results in more nurse bees, Then allowing the queen to lay even grater numbers of eggs.

Although your season is short, you still have time for this hive to build up and prepare for winter. Feed the heck out of that hive, including pollen patties just feed them a little at a time so as not to promote hive beetles.

Beekeeping should not be stressful, If it is them you are either not properly prepared, or you allow your concern for the bees to effect you too deeply. we all handle difficulties to different degrees. always keep in mind some things are beyond your control, there is usually a solution to any difficulty, Don't sweat the small stuff. and the most important rule of all. It's all small stuff!
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Good advice! Well done thanks.
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