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Brood cells poking out?

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Check out this pic, right in the center is a yellow bulge, does that mean a bee is about to hatch? The hive is doing great, laying super well.
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Are drone cells good? Or does that mean they are running out of space so I need to add another box?
Drone's are normal. They are the male bee for summer breeding.
Space in your hive is largely unrelated to the presence of drones.

A crowded hive will produce drones in anticipation of swarm division, but any hive will also produce drones. Drones will mate with a queen from any neighborhood hive, so the drones propagate the genetics of the queen in a cheap and disposable way.

If >>3/4 of your frames are fully drawn, add another box.

You might do well to purchase a short primer on honey beekeeping, you'll learn a lot.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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