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brood box arrangement

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I can fit 12 deep frames in each of my boxes.

I was wondering if I could keep the queen in the bottom box below queen excluder and use other boxes for the honey?
Or, perhaps I could make brood are on two boxes ( 24 frames) and the rest would be for honey?

Also, I'm getting tired of shifting all the frames and some of them are old, some of them have bee bread, that wont be convenient when time for honey harvest comes. Any suggestions?
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I can't imagine how heavy a 12 frame box of honey deeps would be, I would have to call in my buddy's forklift to get that off! Two brood boxes is the standard, but you are using non-standard equipment. That is going to be a big-A hive anyway! Did you make the 12 frame equipment/ I have never heard of someone using larger boxes other than like, a horizontal hive or something.
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