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Broken Comb

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So I just wanted to get some input on what people do when they have some honey comb break. How do you the bees off the comb to fix it? I just used smoke, smoke and more smoke. Didn't know if someone had any better ideas. BTW I used rubber bands to hold the comb in the frames. Also, I've never had any comb break before but knew something was up when I listened to the hive from outside it sounded kind of like the snap crackle pop cereal. I'm guess that is the sound of bees robbing out the comb? Thanks for any advice.
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That's why I keep rubber bands in my tool box. Bee brush for moving bees off. If it feels too heavy for rubberbands, like honey laden, then I jus remove it.
It all depends on what kind of comb and where it is. I brush the bees off. if the comb is empty rubber banding is no problem. if brood I band no mater what, a dozen bands if needed. If honey comb Its a snack.
It's honey comb in one of the supers. I rubber banded it. So, you don't think it will work? Should I just take it out of the hive and let them rob it out? Thanks for the reply's.
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