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Please see article from today's (London) Independent Newspaperreporting on the debate in the House of Commons yesterday during which the MP Martin Caton asked the government ot suspend all neonicotinoid pesticides in the UK and that it should carry out a thorough investigation/ review of the pesticide licensing process - and the role of DEFRA along with the regulator - the Chemical Regulations Directorate.

I attach the article asa PDF -.


A new generation of pesticides is implicated in the widespread deaths of bees and other pollinators and should be suspended in Britain while the Government reviews new scientific evidence about their effects, MPs were told yesterday.

Neonicotinoid pesticides are linked by "a growing weight of science" to insect losses, and the assessment regimes for them are inadequate, the Labour MP Martin Caton told the House of Commons.

Mr Caton, MP for Gower, said in an adjournment debate that "alarm bells should be ringing" about neonicotinoids, which are "systemic" insecticides – that is, they are present in every part of treated plants, including the pollen and nectar which bees and other pollinators regularly gather. At the moment, the Government's position is that the compounds are safe when used properly, and there are no restrictions on their UK use – even though they have been banned, in varying degrees, in other countries.
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