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Bringing down a swarm trap in the rain? (Rather than wait till dark)

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It has been cold and rainy here (45) and I have as swarm trap that was really active during a sun break. Monday or Tuesday it was bringing in pollen and I was going to pull it down but figured I would wait another day and deal with some bur comb rather than snatch it away from a potential swarm. I have not seen activity until when the sun came out today they started flying between down pours (55 degrees). How many bees would I leave behind if I pulled it down in a downpour when I leave tonight? I don’t want to have to come back tonight if I am right here for 20 bees.
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I would take them in the rain if it's more convenient for you.
Done. I only had 2 bees on the outside when I closed it up. Let it set to see if anybody else wanted to join in. I took it home and popped open the lid to find almost a full frame of comb on the lid. I grabbed an empty frame and some big rubber bands and stuck it in. I tried to add some foundation, and a frame of honey (to keep them drawing). That box was full of bees. That was easy a 3 lb swarm. I went and got another deep and put them in that. I wanted them to draw out just as much wax as I could get out of them. That box was not in the tree 2 full weeks.
Way better than driving all the way back there!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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