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Bring on the bees from Alabama

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Hi all! We're new to beekeeping from LA (lower Alabama)! My husband has studied beekeeping for years, and the family as a whole finally decided to go for it this year. I'm studying First Lessons in Beekeeping (although more of a hands-on learner personally) and reading online and am going to join our local beekeeping group. Our 8 year old daughter got a beesuit for her birthday and is studying like me (and seems to be a faster learner than her mom!) She's SOOO cute in her suit and not one bit scared of the bees!

We actually caught a small swarm a few weeks ago, and are thrilled with them (got my first stings-I'm not allergic-woohoo!) In our small town we're now officially the local bee experts by default and have tried to catch two more swarms in two weeks without the beginner's success we experienced a few weeks ago! We're waiting on our 3 packages of bees to get here in a couple of weeks, so I felt like it was time to make some "bee-friends"!

I've enjoyed reading all the posts and look forward to being a part of your group!
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I do more reading than posting, I live in Dothan, most of my bees are in Slocomb at my farm though. What town do you live in? I would be glad to assist yall in any way if you need anything.

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