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Brand new nuc bees crawling on ground

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I just purchased a nuc yesterday and since it is about to rain today have decided to delay until tomorrow to move it to my box. However after checking in on them today I noticed during my trip 2 bees crawling around on the ground with deformed wings. Should I be worried and if so what treatment course should I use.

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sounds like DWV - cause is mostly varroa mites - --

take out a few frames and find some sealed drone comb if there is any - and open the cells - pull out the pupas and check for mites

if no drone cells - use worker cells - and check for mites

if you have a lot of mites - or any for that matter - id ask for a discount on the nuc

selling bees with pest is BAD KEEPINGS in my book and should be in yours!!!!!!

you wouldnt buy a cow at prime price if it had mange -- bees are no different

but since you have the bees the best you can do is medicate for mites and move on - the bees that are cripples cant bee helped but the future brood can -

hope this helps you in your paths that need taken
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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