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Brackish water

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I have my hives close to a large, mild, salt water bay. The area is also filled with brackish water tributaries.
I have read of folks adding salt or vinegar to there bees drinking water to entice them.^The salt content of the bay water is very mild, my dogs drink gallons daily for years.

My question being, Are bees attracted to mild salt drinking water?
Can it be detrimental?
What can I look for in the hive that would indicate problems the salt water may be causing?
Thanks for your thoughts.
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Bees tend to be attracted to "scented" water (swimming pools in particular) and/or water with some mineral content. They know what they want and need. Don't worry about it.
I've heard the man who set the world record for honey production from one hive, used to salt his landing boards becasue he felt the bees needed salt.
I may be wrong, and probably am, but I don't think that bees drink water. I think that they just use it to cool their hive.

Does anyone know? Do bees gather water and take it back to the hive to share?
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