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boxes of capped honey from last season

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There are a couple of mediums with capped honey that seem to be left from last year (probably left too much over winter). It is not new honey since not capped with new white wax. Is it okay to extract these frames and use the honey or should I use it to feed the bees next winter? Thanks, g

(have four hives and they all swarmed in April at the start of the honey flow so the I am looking to maximize my yield)
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In my situation I would keep them for feeding back to the bees. Either for helping out new colonies or baiting empty supers with foundation only frames. I did harvest a little year old honey this year and it was slightly grainy. Tasted fine though.
from what i understand, there is an ingredient in honey that will not allow it to spoil... period... honey found in pharonic tombs is still good, but the water evaporated...

You can either extract the frames if you wish or you can use it to feed the bees during the winter!! The choice is up to you, which ever you would like to do is just fine!! ...Have a nice day!!!:cool:
Has it crystallized yet? If it has crystallized, extracting will be next to impossible. If it is still liquid, I'd extract. If it has started to crystallize, I'd give it back to the bees.
The first question that needs to be answered before you can be told to extract it and use it is- Did you use any mite treatments or any others treatments(chems) in the hive last fall or this spring? If you did then use it for feeding the bees this fall.
Extract to not to extract that is the question. I just did a strain and crush on a swarm I cut out and have a couple gallons of honey. So the 5 frames that I had from last year that have been in the refrigerator I might just feed back to them.
If it's crytsallized, you could recycle it through the colony.

Scratch off the cappings and place box of honey on bottom board. Replace the rest of the colony on top of it. Bees don't like that honey down on the bottom and will dig it out. They'll throw away the crystals and move up the liquid.
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