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I had the pleasure of ordering a 25 gallon bottling tank from Maxant a couple months back.
You know even though I ripped into (positive criticism) Jake about the way they build there extractors a while back, small things. Yes I'm anal when it comes to equipment, if you had to pay my shipping prices you would understand why. I have nothing but good things to say about Maxant's costumer service and there bottling tanks. Top to bottom quality.
The top of the tank even though I thought it looked like it would be flimsy, is very rigid:scratch:(rolled or something like that) & fits great.
All the welds look good, including the custom extras they welded on the tank for me (haven't used yet). The top where the outer and inner tanks meet :thumbsup::thumbsup: looks great & because of its shape it's also easy to clean. Conical bottom inner & outer tank with three little feet underneath.:)
The stainless no drip valve (option) will very very slowly leak but all the ones that return shout properly will in my experience (unlike the Dadant one I have) The L shaped piece of metal that holds the stainless leaver wouldn't bend if you wanted it to (unlike Kelley's). Did I mention it looks great.
Lastly quality heater, thermometer and protected site.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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