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boosting package how to?

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I will have bees emerging from brood by the 20 june.The bees that came with package will be over five wks old.I thought of adding 2 pounds from a new package once I see brood.Will it work?If you have tried this let me know how thanks.I posted on this package earlier 2 weeks no eggs put new queen last thur evening havent checked on her yet wanted to wait on brood first.
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You might be able to do a newspaper combine with more bees.

Simply adding more strange bees to the hive would be a recipe for massive fighting.

Adding a couple frames of brood would be a good way of boosting the hive.
Thanks for reply country boy.I only have this package no ex brood to add.the people i got the package from said sprayem all with syrup and pourem in.If i tried this it would be later a last minute move just to save the hive.
Spraying all the bees is about the only way you will get them together.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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