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Book scorpions / pseudoscorpions

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I'm interested to learn more about book scorpions being used as a natural varroa treatment. Heard that they are used in Germany for varroa. I happened upon some in two of my colonies this spring. I've only ever used hopguard or apiguard for varroa treatment, though I'm sure that these methods would kill off any book scorpion populations as well. Anyone else research these little guys and actively employ them in varroa mitigation?
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Torben Schiffer is the man when it comes to pseudo-scorpions:

He's also gave a great talk at last year's National Honey Show if you haven't seen it already:

The central premise of his talk is the famous axiom by Kentucky's own Wendell Berry, We cannot know what we are doing until we know what nature would be doing if we were doing nothing.
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