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Bobcat S450 beekeeper setup $55,000

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Bobcat S450 model year: 2016
Hours: 530(going up, still in use)

Setup for beekeeping:
Mast for ease of pallet manipulations, no arms or bucket attachment.
Carriage for forks on mast is 36" wide
Crazy wheel, 5th wheel, attached to give manueverability. Uses hydraulics to lower the 5th wheel raising the rear skid steer tires of the ground.

Front facing amber led lights wired into left hand pistol grip trigger for on demand light use.
Tire treads are getting low, but plenty of use left for this non digging maching.

Can be shipped between our locations in FL and PA after payment in full.

Currently in McVeytown PA
more pictures via facebook link below


W. Fisher Bee Farm
99 Drone Lane
McVeytown PA 17051


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