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Just back to beekeeping after 30 years (you know kids, city life and all). Things sure have changed!

Thank you all for your contributions to this site! Invariably when I am having a problem, one of you posts a similar problem and the suggestions for a solution are only minutes away.

My Story__
I had just picked up a 5 frame nuc May 1 won as a doorprize from our local beekeeping group.
It was dark about 9:30, we had screened the hive front, and I had loaded the nuc in my Dodge van for the 15 mile trip home.
Of course, bee thoughts were in my head and little attention was being paid to the posted speed limit.

Blue Light!

I pulled over, the officer came to my window and asked for my license and registration and then asked, "Do you know how fast you were going?"
"No I really don't"
"65 in a 45. What's the hurry?"
" I have a hive of bees in the back and I'm trying to get them home and set up before it rains." So help me, this was the absolute truth.

The officer walked to the rear of my van, shined his flashlight into the back and walked back up to my window and said, "Is that box full of bees?"

Before I could answer yes, one of the girls, who had escaped from around the screened hive front, flew directly out the window and straight toward the officer. He half- crouched to avoid her and while in his crouch said, "I've seen everything now! This is a verbal warning. Slow down!" he said as he trotted to his car.

Best of all, I got to brag to my wife that the $600.00 and many hours I've spent getting ready for these 4 colonies of bees was well spent. Worth at least $300.00 fines and increased auto insurance.

Thanks again to you all!!


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Had a somewhat similar experience. I was hauling about ten hives in my stock trailer when I came to a truck check point set up along the road, sign said all trucks and livestock haulers must check in. I pulled up and the lady asked what I was hauling as she could see no livestock. I told her it was bees, she peeked in and said to get them out of there. on the way back I noticed a large semi pulled over with a lot of personal effects out side, I asked her what the story was and she said a young driver with a revoked license and an a arrest order had been pulled over and he had been hauled off to jail, it was an out of state truck and it sat there a couple of weeks. I am lucky she didn't check me as my tail lights on the trailer were not working at the time.
Have a great week, every day is a good day, some just a whole lot better than others.
Earl White
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