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I have many friends that live in California and place hives in Almonds.
They get to monitor the bloom as it progresses.
For the rest of us, once the hives are worked, and in place we return to our home states for a short period before returning to wrap up pollination, work hives and move them out.
Beekeepers once back in their states have really appreciated the Blue Diamond bloom status reports they have generously provided.
After several years of bi-weekly reports of bloom progress, Blue Diamond has greatly enhanced their bloom status reports this year.
If you appreciate their efforts in keeping all of us in tune with the bloom, PLEASE send them a note of appreciation.
If you have suggestions, I'm sure they would like to hear them as well.
Here is the link to the bloom reports.:

Here is a list of executives for the given areas you might pollinate in.
Please send them a note of appreciation!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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