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Black mold problems

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Black Mold Problem

My hives are in south Texas and with recent rains the black mold has returned on the landing boards and outsides of my hives.

In the past I have used a concentration of 2 ½ cups bleach, 3/4 cup Jomax to 3 1/3 quarts of water. After several hours, I rinse the surfaces with a 3 parts water to 1 part Bleach solution and wait a couple more hours before rinsing them with plain water. If the weather is warm and dry enough to dry the cleaned hive boxes and landing boards, I give them a couple coats of paint.

The mold problem causes a lot of work and I am not really sure if I am killing all of it since the problem seems to return when the weather turns wet.

I have read that glossy latex paint is less likely to encourage mold. I have been told that KILZ does not stop mold. My questions are:

Is there a mold resistant treatment for hives? Is there an easier way to clean, prepare and retune the hive boxes and landing boards to service in the bee yard?
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I had some success with retarding black mold in a house by spraying with a product called Sol-u-Mel....maybe if you mix the following: tea tree oil, water & baby shampoo. Or maybe put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in the can of paint, stir it up well, and repaint the hives.
:) Hope that helps!

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I agree with the full sun. And air movement.

Thymol is an excellent mold killer. I am not sure
how you apply it to your situation. I still use
food grade mineral oil and thymol in problem
hives. Paint on a FGMO and Thymol mix?
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