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Black Locusts Flowering in Mid-Hudson Valley

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My home, and hive, are surrounded by woods comprised primarily of black locusts. Before having bees, of course, I never realized that they flowered at all -- the trees are very tall and straight, and the flowers are in the topmost branches.

Over the winter, I was anxious that they'd flower before I had my bees. Well, they're flowering today, and I hope the gals in my little nuc are aware of it, and make the most of it over the next 3-4 days, which are supposed to be almost perfect.

Has anyone tasted black locust honey? It's apparently supposed to have something of a vanilla flavor. Is that true?
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The honey is verry lite almost clear some time as far as the taste some folks say my taster is broken soooo :scratch:

The trees are bollming here too about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of time.
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