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Hi there,
I have spun out the frames
I have 2.5 x 20lt plastic buckets of honey that is now starting to solidify.
I have today got around to doing what I now realise I should have done on the same day as I spun it all out of the frames about 6 days ago.
I have added someone else's creamed honey to each bucket and have been stirring it regularly albeit slowly & it's mixing in well. I have tried to keep air from being folded into the mixture.
It is still liquid but VERY thick. Semi liquid really!
The temp inside the dinning area of our home where I am doing this, is around 16 - 18 degrees C (approx 62- 66 F).

Question 1) How much time am I likely to have before it sets to hard that I can't bottle it?

2) I have a few bubbles in it so I am assuming that they are there to stay. Does this mean the honey will or might deteriorate faster because of possible bacteria in the air bubbles?

3) If air bubbles are going to be a problem, could I heat the honey until it is liquid again so as the bubbles rise &...

4) if heated again, do I need to go through the adding & mixing process again to get a creamed product back again. If no 2nd heating is given to the honey, will the crystals of the newly added creamed honey I added carry over into the natural crystalization (i.e. if left to its own devices to crystalize its self)

I feel such a buzz doing this bee keeping lark. And THANKS TO YOU GUYS FOR THE ASSISTANCE YOU HAVE OFFERED when I have asked for help. :thumbsup:
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