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Big cutout

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Did a big cutout yesterday. Captured lots of bees in an old shed. Took several pics. There was at least five feet of comb. I was also able to collect just more than 2 gallons of honey. You can see the capped honey along the top edges. I pulled another board off of the top. It was great. Bees were aggressive but I smoked them several times. This was the first cutout I did where I didn't get stung. I updated the picture to show more of the capped honey at the top.
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Great picture, you got lots of bees, honey, what is your next step, what with all that comb:thumbsup:
I got frames of comb, brood and honey for the bees. They fill one medium immediately. Making plans for adding a second medium right away.

Going back out this evening to do the second hive from the shed. I've never done two cutouts, two hives from the same structure. The one pictured above was on the north wall. I'm going back to do the west wall later today. I'll post pics of that one in another thread.
awesome picture, my daughters and i found the queen in the cutout from the semi trailer. what happened with bees you thought may be africanized.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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