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Best way to place a swarm into a TBH??

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I have a swarm to pick up in the morning if its still there! I just started 2 hives these last 2 weeks and i have a Observation TBH that i built just in case i come across a swarm. Now if the swarm is still there and everything goes good, i will be placing the swarm in the observation top bar hive. The first 6 frames i waxed in place some wax foundation just to give them something to start on and then the rest of the bars are grooved with popcicle sticks and a bead of beeswax. Thats pretty much all i have to offer the swarm to get started in the TBH. Since the sides of the hive are angled and the bottom is screened i was thinking about placing a piece of flat board inside and putting 1:1 sugar syrup in a zip lock bag. I have a top bar hive feeder but it wont fit since my sides are angled and the top lid there is only so much room before you reach the top bars. I could place the bag on top of the bars but then i say i would have alot of burr comb under the lid when i go to open it up! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!!
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I made an extra follower board for my top bar hives. I then cut a notch out on the bottom so I could use an entrance feeder inside the hive. Then again, since they are filled up, you may just need to put them in the hive, with starter strips, and they might just like this new home.
This is my third year and although not as experienced as many here are, my hives haven't really wanted to much syrup this time of year, even my swarms.
I think your idea for using the baggie feeder is a good one.
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