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Best way to Feed Honey Bees In A OTBH??

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I installed a swarm of bees in my Observation Top Bar hive! My hive is 4 foot long with a flat roof and the sides are angled. Im using top bars with some bars with comb foundation and the rest with just a guide! Right now im feeding by using a zip lock bag but i took notice that there is alot of it just wasted by running out on to the ground. Any suggestions or better ideas on how to feed????

I would like to have a triangular shaped top bar hive Divider feeder that fits tbh that have angled sides! But if nothing exists i was thinking about notching out the bottom of one of my follower boards since i made 2 of them and use a boardman feeder as a inside feeder instead of an outside entrance feeder! I have heard many of times that the entrance feeders creates robbing but i havent seen it for myself!....Thank you for your advice!
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This idea wouldn't be a problem for robbing because your feed is inside the hive, notching a follower board for a board-man feeder is fine since its inside the hive away from the entrance.
2 liter plastic box with tight-fitting lid (Tupperware style) with lots of small holes (pin sized) in lid.

Invert over two short bars halfway down the body of the hive on the empty side of the follower.

1" hole near the bottom of the follower so the bees can access it.

You can also space two bars apart with 8mm shims, leaving a gap in the middle and place a standard Miller feeder on top. You need space in your roof to accommodate this, obviously.

Avoid entrance feeders and tanks that can drown bees.
Thanks for your comments & suggestions! I bought a few of them feeders from Brushy Mtn Bee Farm, gonna slide them on at the ends of the TBH. They will beable to feed on the inside!!...:applause:
I have a flat metal roof that only has approx 2" inches from the roof to the top bars, pretty much why im asking about other ways to feed! I highly doubt a 2 liter plastic bucket will work without modifying the roof. Im trying to find other ways but if thats the only way i will build a new roof! (photo of the TBH is on my profile)

What do you think about the brushy mtn feeder that is on the side but the bottom is a reservior thats placed in the inside for the bees to feed inside the TBH??????? I kinda like that idea rather then them walking out into a boardman feeder. So instead of a whole new roof, all i need to do is cut a slot on the end of the TBH..What do you think???
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