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Best time to graft, morning or evening?

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I have a small operation and plan on expanding in the spring, so I am learning to graft. My question is, will the grafts be more successful if grafted in the morning or in the evening or does it matter?
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Doesn't matter as far as I can tell. Graft young larvae and keep them from drying out and you'll do fine.
A late afternoon graft has little chance of emerging the night of day 10 and probably won't begin emerging until mid day on day 11 though incubation temps are a big factor as well.
If you read Michael Palmer's method, he re-arranges the hive in the morning and grafts in the afternoon. That means you isolate the Breeder queen in the morning 4 days before grafting.

It's hard to argue against Michael's success...:)
The BEST time is when I have the time. If that doesn't happen, then queens don't happen.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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