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Hello. I'm a new beekeeper with 2 hives that I started in June as nucs. About 14 days ago on inspection we found a queen supercedure cell and decided to let the bees make their own queen. The hive was checked at this time by a long time beekeeper friend who was certain the hive was not queenless. Both hives looked about the same in their activity levels. On looking at the supersedure hive from the outside yesterday there was very little activity going on and so I'm thinking the bees might be in the process of a supercedure, but because I'm new at this I'm just guessing.

Can someone explain the behaviour of bees and their activity levels in a hive during the queen supersedure process?

I've heard that bees without a queen can grow aggressive, but these bees were so quiet it was somewhat disturbing. I put my ear to both hives and they sounded the same. The supersedure hive had about 1/3 the activity of the other hive.

Tomorrow (weather permitting - we've had so much cool weather and rain!) I plan to open the hive to look for eggs and open brood to at least establish if there might be a queen present. From my reading the threads it appears that if there's open brood present then I shouldn't have to worry about a laying worker.
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