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Both can be a lot of fun. One thing to know is that wick in craft stores isn't made for most beeswax candles as it is too small. But mistakes are easy to just melt the candle and start with another wick.

Candlewic (.com) will send you short samples for free (you will get on their mailing list though). You just need a melter (maybe a double boiler of some kind) and some wax. Fun to experiment with.

For molds you can just use an old candle jar or any smooth sided container that doesn't get narrower at the top. Or you can buy countless molds. Don't like your candle....melt it and make another.

Lip balm is fun and it doesn't take much wax to make a lot. You just need some oils and containers. Here is what we use:

Lip Balm (15 Tubes)

26 Grams Sweet Almond Oil
16 Grams Shea Butter
10 Grams Cocoa Butter
12 Grams Beeswax

4 Vitamin E tablets

1 Tsp Peppermint Flavoring Oil
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