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Beginner mistake with Langstroth Hive

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I have a 10 frame hive and I installed bees with a medium honey super on top of the deep hive body. So the bees are building combs on the medium super and none on the deep hive frames. Is this ok? Will they eventually drop down and build in the deep body?
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Welcome to the forum. You might have to move one of the drawn frames down to bait the deep. This would be done after the medium was about 70 or 80 percent full. My opinion is they will probably draw the deep when needed with out the baiting but baiting is good insurance. It is no issue as far as boxes go and which one the build in. I use all mediums myself. Unless you feed like crazy, I doubt they completely Finnish both boxes before fall (mine wouldn't).
Still, I don't see what you think the mistake is as least from the bees perspective. The bees will do just fine in that set up. They may build a little slower if you are in a real cold area then if they were crowded a bit more but will do fine. It would help if you put your location on your profile. Than answers could take location into account.
Good luck
Thanks gww! Appreciate the feedback. You made me feel much better. I just watched some videos and noticed everyone started with just one deep box. Wasn’t sure if it would effect how the hive would react. I opened the hive today to ensure the queen was laying, but need practice in looking for the eggs. I didn’t see any, but my eyes are not that good. First thing that came to my mind was maybe they are being effected because I didn’t start them in the big box. Will give a few more days and reopen this weekend. It will be about 2 1/2 weeks. Great forum, learning a lot.
I just watched some videos and noticed everyone started with just one deep box. .
I would pull out the empty box tomorrow. You want to start with 1 box because it is much easier for a package to defend and keep it warm until they start growing. When about 8 frames are drawn out in the first box you then add the second box.
Thanks for the requests! Make sense - will remove one box!
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