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New to beekeeping and just installed two packages of bees less than 2 weeks ago. This is what I'm seeign and would like someone to weigh in and confirm if this is typical or if I need to do something.

Since installing them I have been able to locate and mark the queen in each hive, so she's there. I am feeding sugar water to stimulate comb production and am thinking of stopping because there is plenty of things in bloom. The bees are drawing out comb, but have only completed about half of the frames in one 10 frame deep. I have not seen any larvae so far and they are storing pollen (expected) and a good amount of the sugar water in uncapped cells. My questions pertain to whether this seemingly little amount of comb production is normal, whether I should see larvae by now, and if I should stop feeding because it is apparent that they have more than needed since they are storing it. Or am I just impatient? Thanks in advance.
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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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>I'm guessing you mean 2 weeks from installation, not 2 weeks from now, correct?


>If a flow is on, stop feeding. They will become "honeybound" and will not have ample room for the queen to lay.

Yes. Sometimes you're feeding too much and too fast. A flow is the natural situation. A neverending jar of syrup is not a natural situation...
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