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Hello all,
I Mero and I live two hours south of Sydney in Australia. I live with my husband, several dogs, goats, chooks and a very angry duck and a new beehive as of October 2013. After an inspection today I feel we have problems with our hive, possibly disease or maybe no Queen. I'm not sure what to make of the comb covered in bees but with no capped honey or even brood. Some brown capping on parts of the comb. Would love some advice.
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G'day Mero: It sounds as though you have no queen, the brown capping is the last of the brood. with no eggs larva , and little capped brood you are certainly in trouble. the good sign is if there is no eggs in the cells then you as yet do not have a laying worker. with the Ausie summer waning you need to so something quick. or the bees will not be able to cache ample stores before the bad weather comes. Do a thorough examination of the hive frame by frame to ensure you have no queen or laying worker. if that be the case introduce a new queen and feed, feed, feed. If you find a queen Pinch her off and introduce a new queen. If you discover a laying worker post that here for information on how to handle a laying worker.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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