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BeeWatch Basic hive scale

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I just bought a used BeeWatch Basic hive scale. It contained no instructions or info. Nothing. I scoured the web bust found no help with how to set it up. How do I get this scale to weigh my bees.
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There is a link there for registered owners to download a manual.

There is a link there for registered owners to download a manual.

Thanks for the link. But the password BeeWatch gave to me and the subsequent Password I choose, also did not work I emailed the company and they emailed back a request for pics showing Serial numbers, etc..
This is becoming an ordeal.
There is a link there for registered owners to download a manual.

Hi Grozzie2, Thanks for your input a few days earlier. I found out that the two hive scales I purchased are still connected to the Company in Germany. Long story short, The offered to work remotely and update the software, recalibrate the two scales, etc., in order to get them up and running.
Do you still own/use your scales. If so do you any connections on this side of the pond that I could find helpful. BeeWatcher Scales gave me a starting price of $270 to do remote troubleshooting, recalibration. I pulled up their website and noticed how they bend over backward to impress the buyer with how little technological know -how the customer needs to make use of their out-of-the-box ready to go scales.
I was way too trusting and naive. It's been an expensive lesson.

Do you still own/use your scales.
I had a hive on a scale for 5 years. Not one of the commercially produced hive scales, just a shipping scale hooked up to a raspberry pi. The scale died a couple years ago so I ordered a replacement. Between the order and it arriving, I had a major medical issue that kept me out of the bee yard for the rest of that summer, so it didn't get going again. My wife has re-purposed the platform scale since then, so I never did get things set up and logging hive weights.

If I do decide to get a hive onto a scale again, I'm just going to take the easy route and buy more kit from the broodminder folks.
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