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beetight app for the droid or i phone

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Has any one tried this app? It looks like it would be handy, but i would need to download it from their site. I cant find it on my phone's app network. Or is there any other app that can be recommended for the droid?
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The beetight app isn't a downloadable app, its a web browser based app that works when you go to their website using your mobile phone. The website can detect that you are using a mobile device and presents itself in a different manor than if you are on a computer.
Sucks that it doesn't work for my blackberry!
Sucks that it doesn't work for my blackberry!
I'm working on a basic mobile version that should work for Blackberry and other devices that don't work well with the iPhone/Android touch version.
My Windows mobile seems to like it.
I've got the web app for my Iphone and will be trying to for a bit to see if I like it over my current notebook system. So far it does seen easy to get started.
I've just released the new mobile version which should work for Blackberry. Please give it a try and let me know how it works for you. It's still at the testing phase, but should work ok. Not so sure about the Facebook login feature, as I'm unable to test that on Blackberry, but normal login should be fine.
I just logged in with my blackberry...seems to work fine. I will be using it more often so well see if I can break it.
I love it when ya’ll talk nerdy. :D
Please post here when it's available for IPad! We were going to buy an Ipad just for running this ap.
I just don't get these. I'm into cool new doodads and all, but if you only have a few colonies it's faster and easier to use paper (sorry, it just is). If you have enough colonies to really need an online tool, you already know better than to spend a couple week's pay on a newfangled walkman and then get propolis in the micro-USB port :).

You'll never get my droid anywhere near my bee box, I like it too much.
I think it's compelling to be able to tag pictures to the notes. Really, after keeping bees for 5 years it's hard to remember what a colony looked like last May. For me, accelerating the learning process is invaluable.

We're starting to wholesale honey this year, hopefully. Compared to our time, the Ipad is cheap.
Work one up for the WebOS operating system,
HP is going to hit the market with serveral phones
and tablet running it. My Palm Pre would appreciate
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