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Bees with pollen

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On Sunday I went to look at my girls and saw that they were very active and it appeared they were bring in pollen it was around 50 that day. I live in Idaho and do not know where they could get pollen this time of year. What do you think?
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Intercept a load, smell it, taste it, spread it out on a piece of glass then look at it with a magnifier. Maybe not in that order. You should be able to tell if it is pollen or not. With online resources, there are photographic databases of regional pollens, or your state university should be able to assist.

If instead, it is sawdust, grain dust, animal feed, etc. It should be possible to find out, eventually, but it should be most easy to tell if it is something other than pollen. Pollen has characteristics that are unique and no pollen has characteristics that are like sawdust.
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