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Hi all,

The tickets have been booked and the decision is final, I am officially moving to Hawaii from Atlanta in October. I need to do a lot of work on my yard before I go, so I need to sell all my bees here ASAP. Since I'm not allowed to bring ANY used bee equipment with me, I must sell it all as well.
I've experimented with a lot of different hives, so I have all different types, in case it interests you to do the same.

Items For Sale (pictures below):

1) Langstroth Hive (white) with 2 10-frame deep boxes full of bees (was a swarm from earlier in the year, so not much honey yet), 1-2 empty hive bodies and 10-20 empty plastic foundation frames
2) Top bar hive (blue) nearly full, was a swarm caught last year (2019) - currently has tons of bees but very little stores, so may need feeding during dearth
3) Langstroth Nuc (not painted)- nuc was made to install a purchased queen. She is still alive but nuc has very little stores and needs feeding
4) Warre Hive (four Warre hive bodies, with two of them full of bees with some stores (this was empty in spring and a swarm decided to move in earlier this year).
5) Small top bar nuc (not pictured) that is very full, just in case the larger hive (#2 above does not survive)
6) Empty Cathedral style hive - nor painted (hive had bees in it last year but they didnt survive winter) - hive alone was $800+ new and is in good shape
7) Bee smoker and hive tool

Asking $600.00 including all bees.

I want to sell everything to one buyer for a lump sum. Need the buyer to have a way to transport (truck or trailer bed) as well as some experience with bees since moving full hives will be difficult and I don't want my neighbors being harassed or stung while we are loading the hives. Hive transportation bags would be very helpful here.

I have not treated my bees this year, and I do not in any way guarantee hive survival over winter or even through the end of summer.

Please PM me if you live near Atlanta and are interested. Thank you!


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