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Bees Visiting Pollen Station

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The other day I set out some pollen in a feeding station. This afternoon they are going nuts over, so I set out a few more stations. Good or bad given the time of the year?
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When you mean "Feeding Station" are you referring to a hive top feeder with pollen in it ?
Sounds good, they'll use it for early brood rearing. Once you start, don't stop until good sources of pollen flowers are blooming in the area, or it may set back the early brood development.
I still got about 4 weeks to go until I add the pollen. Right now it's dry sugar. I'll mix-n-match when temps get up to about 50 degrees and the trees start budding out. I planted about a hundred Siberian Squill bulbs last fall and hope they sprout early.
I had set out a tray just out in the grass in the open. They found it and seem to really be wanting/needing it.
Jim Ray, where did you get the pollen?
There was a guy on here saleing it last fall. I believe he was from California. Let me see if I still have his information.

Yes. I hope the pollen is disease free.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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