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Bees using brood area for honey - no Brood!

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One of my hives has a deep full of old comb, and I have given them a shallow with wax/wire foundation, which they have not drawn out yet in the last month. I was checking the supers and cleaning the traps today of my four hives, and this was the single one where I looked for brood.

There was no brood - they had filled it all with pollen and nectar. You could see the old covered honey in the upper corners, but the area that should have been brood was jam full of pollen and nectar. Maybe I missed it. Why don't they get going on the nice super frames they have? There is an Albizia (pink silk) tree in bloom, and the Tallow trees are getting started. Maybe the gatherers got ahead of the comb builders? But the other hives seem to be building comb no problem.
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I'd give them a comb of larva, but some that is soon to be capped, that also has a few eggs on it, somewhere. Then, when the replacement queen arrives (if you decide to do that), they won't be quite so stressed. Be sure to destroy any queen cells they may have, even those anywhere in the hive, prior to introducing their replacement queen. And, if you decide to let them requeen themselves, you're ahead of the game.

Actually, queenless bees, generally make very little comb - apparently queen pheromones are important for many different things.
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