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5 ,8 ,10 frame, and long Lang
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IMO if you have eggs centered in the bottom of the cells in the bottom they have a queen down there. If you want increase I would split.
Since you paid for and know the queen you purchased, I would leave her at the old location, move the hatched one away.
Keep in mind overwintered, bees are also a good kind of bee.
IF the Drones hatched in the top with no entrance, they would attempt to get out thru the excluder. That needs be remedied, else the top will fill with drones trying to get out, or the excluder will get blocked enough to be an issue.
Also with 1 excluder the 2 Queens "CAN" sting each other to death, I have seen that before. playing 2 queen games is better done with 2 excluders, 1 of which is wood bound, or place a super inbetween.

Keep up the learning
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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