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I installed 2 4-frame nucs 9 days ago and they have each taken 5 quarts of 1:1 sugar syrup since. Seems like alot to me... but maybe it is not that abnormal.

The problem is the 4 frames that came with the nuc are drawn comb but the remaining frames are one-piece waxed plastic frame/foundation. They haven't drawn any of the foundation out other than to try starting a parallel comb on one which I scraped off. All the syrup they are putting into the drawn comb and are filling up the frames with sugar syrup leaving the queen very little room to lay. She is down to only 2/3rds of one side of one frame. Should I do anything or let them be?

I sprayed the plastic foundation with sugar syrup but didn't seem to matter.

The bees have drawn some of the existing comb much bigger than it was and it now invades the space into the next frame that isn't drawn out.

Any suggestions?


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