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Bees Outside of Hive at Night

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While I’m “not” completely new to bee keeping, being successful at bee keeping would be “new” to me! I observed something tonight that surprised me......and, perhaps everyone else already knew of this. I’ve never gone out at night and observed my hives, before tonight. I observed rather large numbers of bees outside the entrance.....just “hanging out....chilling”! Is it normal on a nice warm, summer night ( temps in upper 70’s F) to have a rather large number of bees just sitting around the entrance? memtb
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Yes. It seems to be more pronounced when the nectar flow slows. Maybe the need to fan inside is lessening. Or there's no need to produce any more heat inside. Sometimes it is because the brood requiring tending is lessened, in the case of a queen laying less, or waiting for a new queen to lay.
Bdfarmer555, The “slowing” of nectar flow is highly likely, as we’re in a dry part of Wyoming ( as if the rest of the state weren’t dry enough), and there is not a lot of vegetation in bloom....except for some possible alfalfa fields.We’re attempting to get as many mid to late summer blooming plants established.....but likely, not enough to support a hive! memtb
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