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Bee's on the ground

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Just wondered if anyone else has run across what I have this spring, I found 2 swarms that were on the ground. The first was in my driveway in about a 3 ft circle. I put a hive next to them and they marched in. The second was in some leaves all waded up. The next day, they were in a small tree where I was able to get them.

Thanks for the input.
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the only swarms I have seen on the ground the queens had clipped wings, have collected some that were about a foot off the ground in a bush and there queens wings were not clipped... I guest if a queen is still kinda big from not being long from laying eggs she could have a hard time flying long distances

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I got one a few weeks ago which was about a foot or two off the ground when I got the call, but had fallen to the ground by the time I got there. Thankfully the painter who called had flat steel things I used to scoop them up.

Thanks ya'll,

TWT I'm just a few miles up the road from you. I pretty sure that these didn't have clipped wings, I've never had one before. Maybe hadnt flown in a while (little rusty)Oh well made them easy to reach.
Although swarms can end up in any old place including on the ground. I would agree with TWT, swarms that land on the ground near to the colony would make me just a tad suspicious of a clipped, injured or ill queen. Although I would expect the queen to be fine, I might for instance make note of this so I could pay particular attention to this queen to be sure she performs up to par.
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