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I have two second year hives that I opened about 4 weeks ago. Both have two brood chambers. One hive was overflowing with bees, and the other had a good strong population. They flew just about the whole winter, and were bringing in pollen almost continually. I've seen drones coming in and out since about late Feb. The busy hive had lots of drone comb, mostly between frames. There were about 6 supercedure cells, not yet closed. I figure this hive was ripe for swarming, so I took 4 frames from each box and made a two chamber split. They are bringing in necture also, so I added a med. super to each old hive.
This weekend will be 21 days for the split, so I haven't checked for queen yet, but will very soon.
My main concern is that there are alot of bees that come out of the new hive and crawl right onto the sliding tray beneath the screened bottom board. The thing is usually covered with them. They already removed the fallen pollen off the board, so I don't see what is attracting them there. I usually leave the tray out about 3" for ventilation. This is not happening on my first two hives. Any thoughts? Thx
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