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The post start off "What is killing the hives" like there are multiple hives involved.

If the bees were inside a screened in porch, then presumably this was a swarm living in the walls of the house maybe?

No information was given about the time of year, or the time of day. Presumably it was the middle of night in the middle of January, and it was 15*F outside and the bees froze to death.

Alternately, it was the middle of the day in July, and the temperature was 105*F and they died from heat exhaustion.

The poster stated it was 1994..... With the name Troy98, I guess I shouldn't assume you were born in 1998, four years after this occurred?

No forum has let you tell your story? This happened 26 years ago.What you make a post and they delete it?

Are we sure these were honey bee's and not termites?

The whole premise smells fishy to me, but taking it at face value, the bees starved to death because they were trapped in your screened in porch.
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