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Bees living in peace with ants.

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I was told by an area expert that ants that make a home in your bee hives do not hurt the bees one bit and do not try to get rid of them. She says they live harmoniously together for many millions of years. Is this true?
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I have had all sorts of ants nesting inside feeders, under t covers and had fire ants build their underground nests against the stand that hives rested on. Never been a problem.
Others appear to have had different experiences.
Mine seem to keep the fire ants out, but that is one of the big things that commercial keepers are inspected for before leaving the state. Occasionally I will find a few sugar ants inside. However, I am in ant territory and it isn't a big problem. If you want to keep them away and help cut down on shb larvae in the soil, put down some diatomacious earth under the hive stands. Not too much, it can hurt the bees. However, many keepers use it with lots of success. I use it all over my yard for ant and flea control.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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