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I posted earlier about a week ago about worms in my hive. For the history of it you can scroll down to find my post. Well, after the worm cleanup, I put new frames in the all cleaned up hive. I was advised to look for any queen and any queen eggs etc. The frames were a total mess. I had to through away everything. I kept the bees in a temporary box while I was doing the cleaning, and then put them back to their original hive all cleaned up, new frames , new wax foundations.
Even though I am very new to this I did not spot any queen in the 3 way process: Take them out, put then in temporary, put them back.
Right away I started feeding them and in a day and a half they had consumed 6 pounds of syrop (sugar/water). Next morning (day 2 and a half after the cleanup-transfer)they were all gone!!!
Empty hive. If there was not a queen where did they go? I removed the hive from its place.
Lots of them still fly around to the old spot where the hive used to be, around noon time. Whether is chilli at night but costantly 18-20 Celcius daytime. We are preparing for the winter.
What should I do? Just forget them? Can I catch them back? How?
thanks in advance,

Melbourne Australia
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