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Bees hanging out on the porch during the day?

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Three of my strongest hives have had a lot of bees just hanging out at the entrance the last few days. I opened and checked today. they are not hurting for space. This just due to it being warm?

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Tree Plant

Bearding, there are two deeps on the bottom, you can not even see one of them.
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Could it be that the flow has ebbed and there isn't a reason for every bee to expend the energy?
The flow did slow for a couple of weeks. Now it is starting to pick back up.
I guess all you can do is make sure the bees have enough room inside...if you have one hive body only and 8 frames being's time to add another floor to the apartment.

If they are Russians...check to see if they aren't on the porch drinking vodka after work...

I have two deeps on every hive and all of these have at least two supers. It rained last night and today no bearding. I did not see piles of dead bees.
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