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Bees falling off the hive and walking

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Today while I was watching the bees, I saw three or four bees in succession drop from the hive and walk quickly away. One of them managed to get into the air and fly off. One found some nearby flowers and disappeared into it. Two kept walking until I lost sight of them. I didn't think anything of it until seeing a post about this and someone said it might be tracheal mites.

Is there any reasons for bees to do this behavior other than mites or illness? Now I'm very worried about the bees. I've had them since May 11 (new beek).
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Interesting. I noticed the same thing today.
I made a post about this a week or so ago its only 2-3. Bees a day and a first I thought some of them had a slight k wing but the more I notice the more I realize they don't the ones I've picked up appear to be young fuzzy bees no mites on them and no wing diformities . Took one back to the house about 80 yds away today and she road the whole way clinging to a piece of grass and then all of a sudden she took off flying like nothing was wrong and headed back in the direction of the hive
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