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Bees eating large pupae on frame bottom

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I did a split March 16th on my first hive started April of last year. I located the queen before the split and it appeared she was doing her job well. Yesterday I did my first inspection of the original hive with queen. Everything looked in order and I saw eggs. There were however what looked like queen cells on the bottom of the center frame of the top super. I was surprised as there seemed to be no reason for them to make queen cells but more interesting was that they were eating the pupae. The pupae were in the purple eye stage. Everywhere else in the hive looked normal and I saw eggs so the original queen must be the one laying them right? By my calculations if they raised a new queen she wouldn't have emerged until the first of the month and would have had to of been fertilized almost immediately to be laying eggs already. Also when I split the hive there was no comb on the frame bottoms so I think it would have been impossible for them to have a new queen laying already. What do you think is going on?
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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