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bees drinking lots of sugar water suddenly

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This is my first year as you know and have noticed all of a sudden 2 of my 3 hives are suddenly drinking lots of sugar water. Over the last month each hive has been using only about a quart of sugar water every 4 to 5 days or less but for the past few days they have started drinking a lot more. I filled their containers yesterday and today when I got home one had drank about a quarter of the quart, the other drank about 2 thirds and the last one drank more than 3/4's of the quart.
What is going on with them, is the nectar flow ending or is there something wrong, I live in South Carolina, just south of Charlotte NC.
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I'd say nectar flow is off a little right now, I'm still feeding up here in Pa, have bees drawing new foundation so haven't stopped, I've had a constant problem with the Italian hive robbing from the 2 Carnie hives since I got them, but you would notice that, I know we have Locust starting right now with honey suckle and raspberries coming soon, but I figure on feeding till they don't take it anymore
I'm about 50 minutes below you and mine were doing a quart a day or more (new hive) and they just shut down on the sugar water to maybe a quarter a day. Just the opposite of yours. Mimosa just started blooming and the crepes too.
I'm about 50 minutes West of you. Mine went from 1/2 qt/day the first week of April when the package was installed to 1 qt in 3 days in May and now up to about 3/4 qt/day for the past week. I guess it comes down to the local flora.
Could be a change in population too. If there was a recent explosion in population you will have more young bees hanging around inside the hive looking for something to do.
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