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What you experienced is completely normal. I expect this every time I go in a hive and have learned to pry the top box up an inch and take my hive tool and separate the bottom frames so they go back down. This is the least disruptive way of going about it. I never scrape this burr comb off as the bees are going to immediately replace it once I am gone. It is their roads and bridges. Just smoke the bees down out of harms way when you set the box back down. Then you can pull individual frames if you still need to.

Foolish to disallow yourself taking a crop. Who knows what the season my have in store. When your brood boxes are done, add a super or the bees may decide to relieve overcrowding with a swarm that might leave your hive queenless. This blanket instruction not to super or take a super of honey from first year colonies is monumentally foolish. If the bees have the required weight to survive your winter season, you gain nothing by leaving a super on.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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