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bees coming what do I do with all this honey

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Here's my history and dilemma. I have 4 hive that survived the winter. 3 of the hives are fine 1 is without a queen. Thursday late afternoon my 3 packages and one queen are coming. I'm at a loss as to what to do with the 5 deeps and unknown amount of mediums of winter honey/sugar plus empty drawn comb I have left over. I need to know y'all opinion as to the configuration I should do. I like to run double deeps. So I was thinking I would put maybe 6 empty drawn frames of comb and 4 honey frames ( 2 on each side). Then in the top deep I would put maybe 6 honey frames and 4 empty comb(middle). This configuration would be for the packages then I could add some honey to the existing hives I have. What do y'all think? Anything you would do different? Thanks for the help.Shannon
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My newb guess is to put the drawn frames divide among the hives under two honey frames of honey in the top box. The rest would be foundation. Then I'd rent an extractor and eat the remainder honey. Someone will be along to give level expert advice.
As long as there are enough bees to guard the resources, drawn comb and honey and pollen are all helpful to a package.
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