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Bees Clustering Out

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Why do some hives insist on clustering out? It is 56 degrees outside, the hives were immersed in soaking dripping San Francisco fog all night, you can see it above the hives, and yet a big cluster out all night in dripping fog. It didn't get above 70 yesterday, one hive has slatted rack and telescoping cover propped up over TC which has a screened six inch opening.

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Because it is too warm and too many bees inside for their comfort. What you see here is certainly not interfering with their regular job. It is completely normal and you need to do nothing if they have empty supers on top,
Too warm/humid probably and the foragers need to stay out of the way.
Oh you know the answer as Vance says. You just want to show off your hive. You're a Lauri want to be but you'll never rise to her talent and ability!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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