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bees chaining from top jar feeder

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If your bees are chaining from a top jar feeder, Is that a possible sign of something to worry about.
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I dont think its anything to worry about unless their building comb there, which still really dosent hurt anything. Probably just cooling off from the heat, or fanning to help cool the hive? Its been extremely hot here.
Thanks Mike, And yes the humidity around her has been bad.One more question if you don't mind. Are we in a dearth now?
I think we are here, we need a rain, I still have lots of white clover but its just too dry. Also we still have sourwood but I dont think their getting much from it, its all but over.
Same here on the clover,and yes we need rain bad. I put a bird bath out by the hives with a board walk. Crude but they seem to bee using it a lot.
You can also put a pile of gravel in it, gives them a place to land and use the water, them seem to perfer it a little dirty and warm too?
Just get a solar ventilation fan to put out in your hives, i believe the cost is "ONLY" $120 per hive!!..hahaha
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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